Tower Defense Board Game 🗼

A co-operative tower defense board game for at least 2 players 👫, with a bunch of different maps/scenarios 🗺 and a legacy component to it. To make it feel more like a story 📖.

You can find the latest rules and resources at the project page on GitHub.

Next Steps ⏭

Updates 🔼

2019-08-22 - 2019-09-03

This was the first sprint on the project, aimed at getting something that could be play tested 🎲. And experimenting with different ideas 💡. It resulted in a bunch of solo/2 person play tests and with an initial set of rules written up on the project page.

Goals 🥅
  • Write up v0.1.0 of the rules
  • Solo play test
  • Write up v0.2.0 of the rules
  • 2 person play test
  • Write up v0.3.0 of the rules
Media 🖼

Tower Defense prototype v2