The Wood Party 🌲πŸ”₯πŸ₯³

The Wood Party is an annual party/rave/festival ⛺️ put on by me, India Jackson and Viki Jackson. Set in the woods 🌲, it's a multi-day event of dancing πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ, drinking 🍻 and crazy activities and decoration 🎊. We started it in 2010 and each year keeps getting bigger and better. With more time spent on building fun decorations, outfits 🎩 and bars. Hence why it deserves a place in my project journal πŸ™ƒ

Updates πŸ”Ό

2020-08-21 - 2020-08-29

The Wood Party year 10, my 30th party and Vikis actual 29th. Lots to celebrate, minor issue with COVID-19 so we were legally limited to 30 people. But that didn't stop us having a lot of fun and doing even more decoration.

  • Got some oil barrells to use as table tops
  • Got various stuff from prop houses to make some cool new decorations
  • Got a bunch of creepy dolls heads
  • The crazy lazer light from the Shellpits Club came in handy
  • India made a fun shutter backdrop something :)

The Wood Party 2020 Lights The Wood Party 2020 Glitter Station The Wood Party 2020 Shutters The Wood Party 2020 Heads The Wood Party 2020 Barrels

2019-06-14 - 2019-08-18

The Wood Party year 9! This year we focussed on building a whole set of bars and furniture ⑁. Using reclaimed pallets, painting 🎨 them fun colours and building/assembling them into bars and seating.

We also saw the return of the giant balloons 🎈, hammocks, fire dancing πŸ”₯, jellyfish umbrellas β˜‚οΈ and glitter station. We tried out some new festoon lighting πŸ’‘ which worked super well and a bubble machine 🧼!

This was the first year with a threat of rain 🌧, so we prepped with high hanging sails and extra marquees. Turned out it only rained on the Friday so the main day on Saturday went along smoothly.

I also spent a good few hours weaving strip lights πŸ’‘ into a black fishnet jacket for my evening attire.

Media πŸ–Ό

The Wood Party 2019 Balloons The Wood Party 2019 Group Shot The Wood Party 2019 Pallets The Wood Party 2019 Jellyfish Umbrellas