Small Gods

A card game inspired by the Small Gods novel by Terry Pratchett and the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

Next Steps ⏭

  • Get something shitty and physical done so I can start feeling what it's lile

Updates 🔼

2020-11-25 - 2020-11-29

Was planing out a competitive version more similar to a trading card game like Pokemon but where gameplay is a mix of cards and dice (similar to the Zero to Hero stuff). The persistent mechanism is as described below and there could be "scenario decks". Which are themed "event" decks that change things for both players e.g. stadium cards. So as you play and improve your deck you'll want to make it resilient against your opponent and different scenarios.

2020-11-17 - 2020-11-24

Been wanting to build a small card game for ages. This idea revolves around Pokemon TCG style gameplay (maybe with dice though) but co-op and with the theme of Small Gods from the Discworld. So you're Gods representing a religion and you gain abilities and strength as your followers increase. On the flip side the opposing Gods are stealing followers and directly attacking you and anything you build (temples etc).

Another part of it is the persistent mechanism and set building. I'm currently thinking about shipping the game with card sleeves. Each starting deck has a specific set of cards. But each card can be upgraded at the end of the game by flipping it in it's sleeve. Letting you build the kind of deck you want. But the same can happen with the enemy deck.

Another fun mechanic was allowing any card in your hand to be used as a follower (energy in Pokemon TCG), by placing it face down under the God card you want to use it for. Meaning you have to decide whether to use the card for it's ability or use it as a follower. You may get into interesting situations where you need 1 more follower to save yourself or do a big attack but you only have good cards to use as a follower.