Selfish Dick or Depressed and Needs Help?

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Published πŸ•°: 1st Apr 2020

When someone is in constant pain and agony 😒, it makes sense for them to act more selfishly than usual. If you had a "friend πŸ‘€" who had to be rushed to the hospital with a lightbulb πŸ’‘ up "their" butt πŸ‘ and spent the next few weeks recovering from painful butt surgery, you would let "them" off for being a bit more selfish and focusing on managing "their" pain.

When you're in constant agony it saps so much of your mental capacity 🧠, which makes it hard to deal with anything outside the pain. Most of us realise this, and are great with understanding that our adventurous "friend" needs to focus on themselves for a while.

But this only works when you know that your "friend" is in pain. When the symptoms of suffering and illness are not present 😐, but your "friend" is acting more selfishly, it's easy to assume they're just being a dick πŸ†.

This is a problem when it comes to anxiety and depression. When you're suffering with either of these you can often be in a whole world 🌍 of pain, pretty consistently. When your thoughts hurt you, you're going to be hurting a lot. But it can be hard for anyone else to know that you're going through this. So if you start acting more selfishly than normal, which is totally understandable given the suffering you're facing, but others don't realise, they may think you're just turning into a dick.

So I just wanted to prompt the friends πŸ‘«, loved ones ❀️ and anyone else that when you notice someone acting in a selfish way, give them the benefit of the doubt. You have no idea how much they might be suffering. Give them some slack, listen πŸ‘‚, be patient and get to know them. Then you'll understand if they are going through something bigger, or are actually just a dick.

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