Random Event 🧙‍♂️

Random Event is a simplified table tog role playing game (RPG). Think of it as Dungeons and Dragons but beginner friendly and focussed on stories and having fun. You can find the latest here.

I keep additional super rough notes on this project here.

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Updates 🔼

2019-11-07 - 2019-11-10

Had some brainstorming and play testing. Played a version of the game just with cards for the first time. Went really well. Came up with a whole bunch of new things to test and new uncertainties:

  • The ratio between PC health, NPC health and damage values of attacks and weapons
  • How to make the GM role super easy, so not setup is needed
  • What should the theme for the first release be (fantasy, sci-fy etc)
  • What should the tone of the game be (e..g Discworld, more serious fantasy ala D&D etc)
  • What should the first set of cards consist of
  • What are the best set of core skills needed
  • How should speed/initiative work
  • How should we keep track of health for various PC's and NPC's
  • How do we want people to be visualising the map, digital physical etc
  • How/what do we display as reference rules to players as the game is being played. If anything
  • How should we manage range and distance
  • Should we focus on 1 shots, or campaign play
  • Is the current system for checks and battle working, could things like classic advantage/disadvantage help or be too confusing
  • How should we limit powerful abilities/weapons/ammo related things
  • How does dying work
  • What status cards do we need and how many
  • Would allowing players to re-roll if they have proficiency in a skill be a good idea, if they have to take the next result? Adds a fun gamble to the game.
  • Should we have rolling for hit and rolling for dodge/armour? 1 roll doesn't feel like there's enough player agency
  • Would fate cards work better than rolling and the story?