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High stakes poker game. Maybe mob/underground. Start by building the tension. Then there's a round where everyone think's they've got it and people start going all in. Then people raise the bets by doing the jewellery/car keys thing. Then it get's silly.

The game of the scene is more ridiculous bets

  • chips
  • keys
  • jewellery
  • note: one night, with me dressed as a bear covered in honey
  • 1400 flapjacks
  • An ornate brass monkey that's...
  • Snap fingers and a figure is dragged in, hooded - revealed to be the 2nd coming of Jesus?
  • Mary Smiths knitted sheep jumper

A sub game could be misunderstanding poker

The final reveal could be that they're not playing poker, or playing cards with animals on or something. Although the ducks on cards could be something early on. Saying I lost my cards, these are my kids, do you have a problem or want to make some money.

Remember to rest the games

Could get to a point where people are holding more serious weapons under the table. In the final section they fire... water guns. Same time next week.

(Could treat it in a very tense and serious way but everything they're doing is not poker related e.g. Snap, go fish etc)

The five figures lean back in their chairs. A dim light hangs in the centre of the room, hovering just over the worn circular table. Shadows being cast in every corner, only the contents of the table are lit. Showing an array of betting chips, cards and glass tumblers. The haze of smoke is in the air, constantly being topped up by each pull of the cigars. And the occasional burst from a vape (there's always one who feels like ruining the tone).

Around the room are the familiar, notorious faces of Big Dave, Tommy Two Hands, Sherique Silver Tongue, Jimmy Al Fresco and Mary Smith of 4 Puddlestone Hill, just down from the post office by the pond. The one in that delightful cottage with the thatch roof and rododendras flourishing outside. Who is currently knitting a yellow bobble hat with a pink sheepy in the middle.

There's a stillness in the air as the dealer changes to Tommy Two hands. Everyone gathers themselves, knowing that at this stage of the game, the stakes are getting higher. Tommy uses his namesake two hands to shuffle the deck. All eyes a watching, checking the for mere glance of an opportunity to yell "Cheat!" and perform some kind of terminating action on Tommy and his two hands.

(NOTE: Introduce the idea of the normal cards getting lost and these ones with ducks on being used here.)

As the cards are being dealt, Mary Smith of 4 Puddlestone Hill puts down her knitting needles. A collective release of tension reverberates around the room. The others know the stories of those needles, of the creative pain they could cause.

(NOTE: Replace with: They've seen the x-rays showing just how curiously those needles could get lodged, when Mary Smith of 4 Puddlestone Hill feels scorned.)

As everyone checks their cards, Jimmy Al Fresco, the loud one, slaps his hands on the table "Well that'd do it!" And pushes his entire stack of chips into the middle of the table.

All eyes move to Big Dave, his chip stack much smaller than what he needs to put in. He glances down at his hand, takes a long deliberate pull on the cigar. Blowing what he wants to be a smoke ring, but in reality looks more like a smoke (NOTE: Insert funny here). Slowly he reaches into his breast pocket and pulls out an elaborate set of Aston Martin keys and throws them into the pile of chips.

With nods of satisfaction the focus shifts to Shrique Silver Tongue. Who without batting an eyelid pushes her chips into the middle, takes off the ornate diamond necklace around her neck, proffers it to the table and then places it on top of the chips.

There's a hushed intake of held breath as Mary Smith of 4 Puddlestone Hill considers her options. She makes eye contact with each individual, as though peering into their souls. "Well then, in that case...". She neatly shuffles forward each stack of her chips, reaches under the table and pulls forth a homemade Strawberry Meringue and places it on the table. There was no cause for deliberation, everyone could see this was a massive raise.

Tommy Two Hands wipes his brow with both hands, sweat immediate and apparent. His eyes darting around nervously as he considers his moves. With a start he makes a timid wimper, jumps to his two feet and runs out the door screaming from the pent up tension.

Stillness remains in the room. This outburst was to be expected with so much on the table. Jimmy Al Fresco, once so confident, now looks a bit bemused. He shakes his head to bring himself back to the room, pats his pockets, searching for anything to keep him in the game. Eventually he (NOTE: does the IOU)

Back to Big Dave. The calmness he so readily employed previously was fading. (NOTE: some odd bet).

Sherique Silver Tongue, takes out her silver tongue.

Mary puts in her knitted jumper.