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2015-05-01 - 2015-05-30

Nineline is an online timeline that helps you track trends and predictions. The idea was heavily inspired the work of Richard Watson and the timelines he created during his futurology research. When doing my BEng in product design and manufacture, my dissertation was on the future of home design. I read a lot of futurist literature and created a giant pinboard to track trends and predictions. This is the digitisation of this pin board.

Nineline is a WordPress based website that uses jQuery to position elements across the canvas. The current incarnation uses the Bootstrap framework, which made it much easier to get a decent looking site up and running quickly.

The goal of Nineline is to help people plan ahead with their own products and businesses, to see what changes may be occurring and how to act accordingly. On the site I aim to allow people to add in their own predictions, track topics that interest them and engage with interesting predictions or articles.