Nine Store

Nine store was the main focus of my start up between September 2012 and February 2013. We built an online store that sold smart home products. The main selling point was the works with section and the product recommendations. As many smart home products work better when used together I wanted to helped consumers see this and see what would work in their homes and with their current devices. As this seemed the biggest adoption barrier to people using smart home products.

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2012-09-01 - 2013-02-28

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Throughout this project I was studying a masters degree in technology entrepreneurship. The course helped me to develop the business model, where our future plans would be to have other sections of the company that would build smart home products that integrates well with others and that we could sell through our store.

We also built a prototype website, built with Wordpress we added dozens of smart home products. Showing consumers what products work with each other and using Amazon affiliate links to track any purchases through Amazon. This approach meant we could easily build something to test the market without needing to store and ship products ourselves.

Throughout developing this business we could not generate the traffic or interest needed to justify developing it further. Also I missed not building our own products. This is when nine studios dropped nine store and begun work building Photine. A smarter range of digital photo frames.

nine store 002