Task Management

I am a huge fan of optimising life. I know my brain is shit at some things companies are great at and like trying to offset what I can to the machines. Here's my work in how I manage tasks and my life admin. I've included this in my project journal as it's something I have thought about a lot and continue to optimise.

  • Trello + Pushover

    • Trello is a Kanban style task management system. I use this to keep track of every task I want to do. I have the following columns set up:
    • Inbox - Things I need to address today
    • Repeated - Hold repeated tasks that are not due today
    • Projects - Each card is a single small project (big ones get their own board) and contains checklists for those projects
    • Persistent - For things like birthday presents, stock check lists for home, travel checklists etc
    • Snoozed - For tasks I have snoozed until a different day
    • I use the "Butler" automation integration to handle the snoozing of tasks and moving repeated/snoozed tasks into the Inbox
    • I use PushOver to send me mobile push notifications when cards move into the Inbox
  • Gmail

    • I always keep Inbox Zero, anything in the Inbox is to be addressed that day. I snooze everything else to a more convenient time
  • Google Keep

    • Where I jot down temporary notes and random thoughts before moving into Markdown in Google Drive (which i Remember to do through a repeated Trello card)
  • Google Calendar

    • If an event isn't in my calendar I don't do it. Every event goes in here.

Updates 🔼

2019-11-09 - 2019-11-09

Created a video explaining my Trello setup