Most of my programming career has been writing JavaScript. Here is where I'm adding any notable updates to things I've learnt or built in JS. As I'm starting this entry about 7 years into writing JavaScript there's a lot missing and I'm just going from now onwards. Although here's a brief history of my experience in JS from what I can remember:

  • Started writing JavaScript in around 2013, customising the frontend of WordPress. Using a lot of JQuery for all my sins
  • Started writing Node.JS whilst working on Internet of Things projects at Graftt in 2014
  • Introduced React to Reading Room in 2016 and started using it and React Native heavily on my personal projects at this time
  • Kept on refining my React experience at EventsTag in 2017/2018
  • Started contracting as a JavaScript and React "expert" 2018-2020. Doing lots of more in depth JavaScript and React/React Native work
  • Joined WalkUp (2020) as a JavaScript developer furthering my React, React Native, TypeScript, redux etc

Updates 🔼

2013-01-01 - 2019-10-04

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