e-Lectronic Notepad — A Smart e-Paper Notebook

A 2nd year project whilst at the University of Nottingham

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2010-11-01 - 2010-11-30

e-Lectronic Notepad

This was the first university project in which I was not asked to redesign an existing product and instead had a much more open brief — to explore tomorrow’s workplace. With this in mind I set upon looking at why the paperless office never came about.

The final design is a notebook that consists of 2 high resolution touch screens that are hinged together and a separate set of colour e-ink pages which can magnetically attach to the main notepad.

This product gives you some of the main benefits that working with paper does, like spreading out pages so you can quickly reference multiple documents, whilst adding in the best of technology, such as continuous file/note saving and sharing work across the internet. Truly helping to bring about that fabled paperless office.

What I really enjoyed about this project was how my user research became more about observational work rather than focus groups or interviews. I spent hours in offices, libraries and classrooms observing the different ways people use paper and occasional asking why someone would do something in a certain way.

As the project was titled Tomorrow’s Workplace this is a near future concept and hopefully we might see similar products appear in the next few years as developments with colour e-ink displays become cheaper and more widespread.