Desk Design — A Level Design Project

My A Level design project whilst at Brentwood School

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2009-01-01 - 2009-05-30

Desk Model

For my A level design project I was able to choose any problem I wanted to. I’ve always been insistent on reorganising and changing my workplace to get the most efficient use of space for the specific task I was doing. Taking this I gave myself the problem of creating an easily flexible and efficient workspace.

My final design involved a desk system where you could add on separate modules, like levels, drawers and pull out sections. I created mini wooden prototypes to test out joining methods for the parts and modules. From these I took my first steps in CAD software and played around with Google Sketch Up until I could model and animate my design concept to figure out real world dimensions and fixings.

Desk Explosion

Being primarily a woodwork project this time I got the chance to play around with even more manufacturing techniques and different mechanical fixings. I really liked the way you could put in a lot of care and attention into the model in order to make it look and feel the best it could. To me, I was amazed that I had created something that felt like a real product and could actually use at home.

This project helped me get an A grade for my Product Design A Level.

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