Curious Squid Co 🦑

Curious Squid Co Ltd is the company I started (Feb 2018) when I decided to do become a freelance/contract programmer. The most important thing, of course, was the name. I wanted something related to the Terry Pratchett's Discworld universe, because he's and absolute babe and those books are amazing. Curious Squid ended up being the most suitable one for this endeavour, you can find out more about actual curious squid here.

Whilst freelancing/contracting I'd offer the following services:

  • JavaScript programming as a contractor
  • Development team building and mentoring
  • Website development
  • Mobile app development (iOS and Android)
  • Desktop app development (MacOS, Linux and Windows)
  • Development of Internet of Things products
  • Development of backend services

Updates 🔼

2019-04-01 - 2019-11-30

Leading the JavaScript team for a new website at ICIS, the world’s largest petrochemical market information provider. Working with JavaScript, TypeScript, React, GraphQL, Apollo, Jest, ESlint, and more. During this project I lead and trained a small team of JS developers working alongside a larger team and shared codebase. Main highlights included the setup and management of a shared codebase being used by multiple teams at ICIS and dozens of developers, working to 100% code coverage and training junior-mid level developers throughout the project.

2019-03-01 - 2019-03-31

Did a short freelance piece of work for EventsTag, a start-up I use to work for. They build experiential technology, with most of the products at the time revolving around customised photo booths.

2018-03-01 - 2018-11-30

Leading and building the JavaScript team for the new website and mobile app for ICIS, the world’s largest petrochemical market information provider. Working with React, React Native, GraphQL, Flow, Apollo, Redux, Jest, ESlint, and more. During this project I recruited and managed a team of 6 other JS developers and worked along side a bunch of other devs and project managers. We worked to 100% code coverage, in a large mono repo project sharing a lot of code between web and native. Other highlights include; going live in both web and native (iOS and Android), working in strict SCRUM, setting up native functional testing, configuring mobile deployment pipelines and being super effective whilst most people worked remotely.

2018-03-01 - 2018-03-31

A short freelance project for Overtone Digital, helping improve the code quality, setup and documentation of their early stage mobile app so onboarding future staff would be much quicker and they would be checks in place to maintain quality.