Cookbook — Charlie and Viki’s Recipes

Every now and then me and my wife try to put together the recipes we collect over the years. Sometimes I make them into a website, sometimes they're just text.

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2017-02-01 - 2017-02-28

Cookbook my food blog/recipe website that my and the amazing Viki Bell maintain to track our favourite foods and drinks. It’s main purpose is to help us decide what we might want to eat in the week, plan our diet or figure out what new things we might want to start making. You can find it at I built the site and did a blitz of adding things to it during one of my 2 week projects on it. It’s a Wordpress website using the Chow theme. This theme makes it super easy to setup a food website and use advanced searches to find things by ingredients etc. Keep checking back at the website for the latest and greatest :) Eventually it would be nice to make a printed version when we have enough awesome entries and photography.