Nottingham City Bus Shelter

This was an individual design project during my 3rd year at The University of Nottingham.

Bus Shelter

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2010-10-01 - 2010-10-31

This was my first design project whilst studying product design and was my first chance to really explore the design process. I was tasked with redesigning a bus shelter.

I’ve always known that the best solutions come from a great understanding of the problem and people’s behaviours so I sucked up the courage to go out and figure out the buses in a new city, always a daunting task. I ended up spending days riding the bus, getting off at stops, observing what people were doing and asking various questions and opinions.

The problems mainly came down to a lack of space and grubby or ugly designs. I therefore took it upon myself that Nottingham really needed a new striking design referencing some of the architectural beauties around the city, with a modular construction so that various layouts could be built for more or less popular locations.

I always like including this initial project in my portfolio as it reminds me of the satisfaction and pleasure I took out of completing my first design project as a university student. I also think it is an interesting example of my own design style, I’m a particular fan of offset angles and the contrast of introducing curves, as seen in this design.