Breath of the Wild Board Game

A small card and dice game inspired by Zelda, Breath of the Wild, specifically inspired by the item break mechanic.

Next Steps ⏭

Section to explain what to work on next

  • Get some sort of v1 mechanics written down and start playing around

Updates 🔼

2021-02-15 - 2021-02-21

Had some ideas around having skill stats and what kind of skills would be fun. If the game is all about the equipment and it's a steam punk like genre then it could be something like:

  • Tinker - Clever, unusual gadgets, special effects
  • Pyro - Explosive, loud, showy
  • Assassin - Ranged, silent, deadly

You can level up these individually and it unlocks different abilities on the equipment/adventure cards.

More notes from these sketchbook pages.

2021-02-12 - 2021-02-14

Got randomly inspired that a board game based on Breath of the Wild could be interesting. Especially how the item breaking mechanic helps force interesting strategy decisions. Most of the ideas can be found through these sketchbook pages.

Here's the top line:

  • Card and dice game
  • Borrowing the dice mechanic from Zero to Hero (chance dice, hits, misses, conversions, re-rolls etc)
  • You get more powerful but combining items (set bonus, encouraged set upgrades) and your experience level improves the abilities/starting level of your items
  • Items break after uses
  • Co op game
  • You pick a scenario to play through (this is a few cards similar to Marvel Champions)
  • There is an "encounter deck" which are mini events that you resolve to get more resources, experience, clues/info to defeat the main mission
  • Think of it like a big adventure. The scenario is equivalent to Breath of the Wilds main mission. The encounter deck is all the stuff you do on the way. If you don't try and tackle the scenario objective it will defeat you (maybe it schemes like Marvel Champions)
  • Potential themes - Steam punk adventurers/rouges who aren't particularly good. Comedy inspired from Terry Pratchett. World inspired from Bio Shock. Mission narrative inspired by Zelda. Characters proficiencies inspired by Kick Ass.