What Do I Believe

This project is a collection of beliefs and my confidence in how much I thing them to be true. I only track beliefs here that I find to be interesting, important or my confidence changes is them frequently.

The plan here is for me to routinely check over all these ideas, add more and constantly adjust my confidence in them giving reasons for the change. With the goal of helping me gain more accurate beliefs, focussing on the beliefs I think may have the biggest impact for me.

I want to keep the explanations here short so reading reviewing the whole list is quicker. Any explanations I think warrant more discussion will have their own article associated with them. Or will have more detail in the Updates Section below.

NOTE: After copying the initial titles and % from the old location I need to go through each of these adding some justifications.

99% - All religions are wrong about their ideas of afterlife, God, creation and all the magical sounding stuff

70% - Religion does more long term harm for humanity than good

70% - It's good to positively discriminate when it comes to tackling discrimination

95% - Nothing really matters so focus on enjoying your life

60% - Companies do more good for the world than governments

80% - In general everything keeps getting better

50% - Technological advances will get to a point this century where we will be able to live for thousands of years

60% - Within this century the human race will either go extinct or we'll all be able to live for thousands of years

40% - It's immoral to eat meat

Lower due to Nothing really matters so focus on enjoying your life. Otherwise I'd put it much higher. Around 70%.

10% - We are living in a simulation

95% - Capital punishment should be banned everywhere

70% - Patriotism is bad for humanity

70% - Genetic engineering is okay

70% - It's okay not to vote if you think any of the parties that could get in are fine

5% - The physical world does not exist it is a figment of my own mind

10% - I am the only concious being

80% - We do not have free will

85% - Conciousness can be entirely explained by the physical processes that occur in our brain

90% - It will be possible to transfer our minds into the machine

Updates 🔼

2021-02-07 - 2021-02-07

Moved the beliefs from "Unusual opinions" post into here. Removed the ones that were just in there because they were unusual and kept the ones that are more important to me. Just copied across the titles for now. Will fill in some details and think a bit more about them later.