Pretty much all the talk around smart homes is on control, security, home environment and monitoring. Is this really what consumers are interested in? Does the idea of controlling your air temperature with your phone excite you? Does the setting up of home security cameras give you a huge hard on? Maybe… I’m not here to judge…much.

I love the idea of the smart home being a place primarily for improved home entertainment. Improving the things we care about and have an emotional connection to. Our music, photos, films, games. Connecting with our friends and families and having a more immersive experience in the things we enjoy.

We have wireless music systems, colour changing light bulbs, genius music selection programs, photo screensavers or digital frames. I’d love to see revolutions in the way these devices can communicate and offer enhanced experiences.

For example. Push one button saying its dinner time with the girlfriend. Or say this to Siri. iTunes then picks out a smart genius playlist of smooth jazz, relays this to the airplay wireless speakers that all start playing it and the volume you normally have. The philips hue light bulbs automatically put on a nice red hue (maybe not in the kitchen though. Experience has found its harder to cook in red light) and your computer screensavers and digital photo frames start showing the latest Facebook photos you and your partner are tagged in.

This type of home automation is where i see the real value. Enhancing your emotional experiences with things you already love.

Don’t get me wrong I love the techy side. Energy management, security and home control is fun to me. But maybe a stronger focus on smart entertainment could help consumers adopt smarter homes.