I am currently a UX developer at Reading Room, a web development agency based in London. Working a lot with React JS, Node JS, Sass and for big corporate and consumer websites.

I am living in Islington, London at the moment and doing a lot of improvised comedy all around the place and with the improv comedy group SuperCouth.

I do a lot of personal projects, all documented here on the site. My projects normally float around the areas of new tech startup ideas, apps, websites, art, music, improv videos, smart home technology and life hacking.

I’m also married to the wonderful blogger, artist and social media guru Viki Bell.

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Om Mantra

Mantras – A Collection of Learnings

Last Updated: Sat 27th May, 2017

I have a list of mantra and sayings that I’ve collected from various books, podcasts and talks. These are thing’s that either inspire me or are principles I want to try and live by. Many of them contradict each other as well, so they are more thought provoking, than a definitive list of things I […]

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Charlie Jackson Story

Story – Combining My Instagram Story for a Month

Last Updated: Sun 14th May, 2017

In April I decided to use Instagram stories to create a fun video of random moments each day. I took videos and photos with the Instagram app, saved them offline and then combined them into a SUPER STORY!! Watch if you dare.

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Jenkins – Continuous Deployment and Integration

Last Updated: Thu 4th May, 2017

For a lot of my projects recently the deployment process has been a bitch. And especially when I come back to a project after a few months, I would have forgotten a lot of the nuances in the deployment process for that specific project. Firstly I need better documentation but also, I’m lazy, so lets automate this. Incomes Jenkins to the rescue.

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Photo of the day - sax

Daily Photo

Last Updated: Fri 14th April, 2017

Since March 2017 I have been taking and posting a photo every day. A bit of it is for documenting the places and things I’m seeing, improving my photography eye and also training the mind to see beauty in anything. Which helps towards developing a positive mindset. Also… I really enjoy writing ridiculous comments with […]

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Viki Bell Website Square – Personal Blog Website for my Wife

Last Updated: Mon 3rd April, 2017 is my wife’s personal blog site. It was last updated 18 months ago and I have just finished a design for the new version. The next step is to build the template for setting up headless Wordpress with a node server running react to serve the content.

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Pizza Oven Sketch

Daily Doodle – Doing a Drawing Every Day

Last Updated: Sun 26th March, 2017

From March 2017 I have been doing a sketch every day. I’ts mixture of observational drawings and making up weird and wonderful stuff. Most of the drawings are done using the Noteshelf Application on my iPad Pro, and using the Apple Pencil for fine control.

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cj-cmd utility

cj – A Command Line Utility for Common Dev Tasks I Do

Last Updated: Mon 6th March, 2017

CJ is a command line utility I built to make it quicker for me to run common commands. You can download it as an NPM module: cj-cmd. The utlity acts as a wrapper around many existing libraries, so it is normally the only global plugin I would ever install on a development machine.

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