I am currently a UX developer at Reading Room, a web development agency based in London. Working a lot with React JS, Node JS, Sass and for big corporate and consumer websites.

I am living in Islington, London at the moment and doing a lot of improvised comedy all around the place and with the improv comedy group SuperCouth.

In 2017 I have also started switching onto a new personal project every two weeks, all of which get documented on this website. My projects normally float around the areas of new tech startup ideas, apps, websites, art, music, improv videos, smart home technology and life hacking.

I’m also married to the wonderful blogger, artist and social media guru Viki Bell.

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cj-cmd utility

cj – A Command Line Utility for Common Dev Tasks I Do

Last Updated: Thu 2nd March, 2017

CJ is a command line utility I built to make it quicker for me to run common commands. You can download it as an NPM module: cj-cmd. The utlity acts as a wrapper around many existing libraries, so it is normally the only global plugin I would ever install on a development machine.

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Viki Bell Website Screenshot – Personal Blog Website for my Wife

Last Updated: Tue 28th February, 2017

My current project is the redesign and build of, my wife’s personal blog site. It was last updated 18 months ago and the new site is going to be a whole rewrite. The plan is to spend a week or so on the design and a few weeks developing it.

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Yeoman – Programming Templates

Last Updated: Mon 27th February, 2017

In an effort to maintain and improve the quality of my code and the ease at which I can set up a new project I have been setting up Yeoman templates for as many project setups that I can. I want these templates to be my master versions of the way I should be programming. So I can look back at them and update them when I learn new bits and pieces.

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Cookbook – Charlie and Viki’s Recipes

Last Updated: Mon 13th February, 2017

Cookbook my food blog/recipe website that my and the amazing Viki Bell maintain to track our favourite foods and drinks. It’s main purpose is to help us decide what we might want to eat in the week, plan our diet or figure out what new things we might want to start making. You can find it at

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Social Helper Screenshot

Social Helper

Last Updated: Mon 30th January, 2017

Social Helper is a tool that automates your social media profiles. Currently Social Helper can automatically retweet popular and recent items based off a set of Twitter search queries and a set of blacklisted queries.

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Charlie Jackson Website

Last Updated: Mon 16th January, 2017

My personal website, that shows what I’m currently doing and all my past projects. Currently built in Wordpress with my own custom theme.

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SuperCouth improv comedy group

Improvised Comedy

Last Updated: Sun 15th January, 2017

Since January 2015 I have been taking courses and performing improvised comedy around London, practicing every week and having performed dozens of times.

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Reading Room Logo

Reading Room – Working as a UX Developer

Last Updated: Thu 22nd December, 2016

Reading Room is one of the UK’s top digital agencies which I joined in October 2015. My work mainly involves front end development and working closely with the designers and back end devs to ensure that end users will get a site that looks great, responds well, is highly accessible and technically works well with the back end systems.

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